BUY Shock Reservoir Mounts

Some shocks have a reservoir attached by a hose - and this is the Signature Alter Ego MC Mount for it.


Our Shock Reservoir can be mounted independent of the shock.

Mounts are available elsewhere that can be mounted directly to the shock - but - that is not an ideal application, as sometimes room for installation is very limited.

This is for a two inch OD Reservoir.


We believe ours is ideal.

It is made of aluminum & it is designed and made, by Johann.

We ship this product free of charge within the Continental United States of America.

Outside the Continental USA, please email Linda at for an estimate of your shipping costs. We never charge a handling fee, and, try to find the most reasonable way to ship your Alter Ego MC purchase to you.

Shock reservoir Mount by Alter Ego MC


We want you to know that this part is manufactured here in our own shop in the United States of America using American made materials. It is very important to us to banner American products & services.

Price: $50.00 for one Alter Ego MC Shock Reservoir Mount


Two Shock Reservoir Mounts by Alter Ego MC


We also offer you a special introductory price for purchasing two Alter Ego MC Shock Reservoir Mounts at the same time. Save $15 when purchasing two through the summer of 2019!

parts price: $85.00 for two Alter Ego MC Shock Reservoir Mounts


Thank you for your interest in Signature Alter Ego MC Products and Services.

We really appreciate it.

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