Alter Ego Standard Operating Procedure

To have a up-close, truthful, and intimate conversation with you about our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) you should know from the start, we won't be building a bike in ten days or even 30 days, or, building a vintage automobile in a few months.

That's because the mission here at Alter Ego, is always perfection.


Quite frankly, quality workmanship takes time. To paint a basic picture of how things are done at Alter Ego - it is this: our workmanship is flawless, and, when the project is done, it is done.

This not to say that should you contract with us to build a handcrafted, one of a kind motorcycle, or, to restore or build a luxury vintage automobile, your project would be among a long list of other contract projects we would work on concurrently, delaying you and your dream machine from finally meeting for the first time face to face.

We never take on too many projects at the same time, so that we always maintain this self-set goal of perfection in everything we do. There are no short cuts to perfection.

It means you WILL get your motorcycle or luxury Vintage Automobile at the moment it is completed to our standard of perfection.

We give our projects everything we have to the very best of our ability. You will drive it home when it's flawlessly finalized.

We believe that everyone in this industry should think it is critically important to strive to see how well motorcycles and automobiles can be built, and, to keep "reinventing" and creating the best there is. It's a bit of a mystery to us what on earth began the trend to build as fast as possible.

It is a trend Alter Ego's Master Craftsmen will never follow.

We begin projects on a first-come-first served basis, and, to be honest, it's worth the wait.

When a bike is designed and built at Alter Ego the three top priorities are: Function; Safety; and, Aesthetics.

To perform its function, a bike must be both easy to ride and comfortable to ride. And, our standard is, that a bike must be comfortable to ride all day long. If not - it is just not performing it's function.

Riding a custom designed and built motorcycle on the beautiful highways of America, or, around the world, should never put the rider at risk due to unsafe design. Handcrafted hand-designed bikes should always put the dreams of the client in 3-D while maintaining the very highest degree of safety standards.

Quite frankly, it really takes someone who knows their stuff, to be able to do this.

We build bikes that meet all Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) safety requirements and yet, have that sleek, unique, custom look you're craving. That captivating bike you're dreaming of, will look so much more beautiful in an upright position - not being carted off on a trailer for repairs - after an unnecessary accident due to poor design. Remember that when hiring someone to build your bike. Make absolutely certain they have the time-tested, proven engineering skills to put you on your dream machine with your personal safety in mind at all times.

Last but not least in our three point priority list, here at Alter Ego, a bike we build quite simply has to be extraordinarily beautiful.

We work closely with our clients every step of the way to ensure their ideas are incorporated into the design. What is a custom bike? Absolutely anything you want it to be. And, remember - the purpose of having a handcrafted motorcycle built - is that it is one of a kind. The designs used to build yours, will never be reproduced on another Alter Ego Motorcycle - ever.

It takes skill to incorporate function, safety, and beauty into the design of a motorcycle. It takes Master Craftsmen to be able to mingle together proficiency in design with expertise and experience in the field, on machinery that can get the job done.....

....with perfection.....

When we manufacture parts we proudly use American made materials at the Alter Ego shop located in Sierra Vista, Arizona, in the stunning desert Southwestern portion of the United States of America.

Because we strive for and achieve such high standards in our profession, visits to the Alter Ago Shop are by appointment only. We use our time very wisely, too.

When restoring or building a Vintage Luxury Automobile, we have the means to reproduce original parts which may be missing from the vehicle and are no longer available from any out source. It is with time, experience, expertise, and, the right machine tools, that we are able to do this, so, that the automobile meets the very, very trained eye of the top experts in the field - the virtuosos at Concours d'Elegance. Concours events traditionally judge automobiles with a standard which far surpasses what might be considered, "mint" condition" for restored vintage automobiles. It is not an exaggeration to say that judging for the Concours d'Elegance includes looking for perfection in every single nut and bolt.

Concours quality cars have been restored to a standard actually far exceeding that of the car when it was new, while keeping to perfection in exacting replicas of the original manufacturers design. This is the rare talent the Master Craftsmen at Alter Ego provide for high end Luxury Vintage Automobile Collectors, whose automobiles restored by Alter Ego are Concours quality automobiles.

Concours d'Elegance, from French, means a "competition of elegance" and refers to the contemporary gathering of prestigious cars. The event dates back to the 17th Century. You may be wondering how that can be, with the automobile only entering the transportation scene in the late 19th Century. French Aristocracy paraded horse drawn carriages in the parks of Paris during Summer weekends and holidays prior to the metamorphosis to "the horseless carriage."

You may be wondering what the difference is between restoring an automobile, and, one which Alter Ego has built.

Restoration is attained when the majority of the components of the automobile are in place and need to be refurbished to their original good looks. As one example, this can include painting, which, the Alter Ego Master Craftsmen excel at.

Building a Luxury Vintage Automobile is more complex and a lengthier process, in that, whatever remains of a vintage automobile is the foundation for building the vehicle - no matter how scant what remains is. If you look in this site under "Project Cars" and look at the "'31 Rolls Royce Henley Roadster" you will see a Vintage Luxury Automobile which was built by Alter Ego Master Craftsmen using only the original chassis and most of the engine. All other aspects of the prize winning automobile were manufactured by Alter Ego.

That automobile is considered to be the best Rolls Royce restoration in the world to date.

A lifetime of experience and expertise literally goes into our motorcycles and Luxury Vintage Automobiles.

We are highly self-motivated in superb time management and precise manufacturing and production. Nothing is wasted, and, everything is Concours quality here at Alter Ego. In fact, we like to think of it as Fine Artwork.

As a matter of fact, we guarantee that.

Isn't it about time to follow that dream of yours? We think you deserve it, and, we know we can make that happen for you.

Don't just dream it. Own it. It's time.
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