Machined or Fabricated Parts Made at Alter Ego MC

With our full Machine Shop here in America's Southwest, we can make metal replacement parts for wearing plastic ones, or, make obsolete parts according to the manufacturers original specifications.

We use American-made materials here at Alter Ego MC.

Take a look at this small sampling of some of the parts we made in 2018 - just as always - with our own hands, and, with perfection....

An El Camino side seat trim; and Electric Fan mount; a Fast Throttle Body; a Corvette Headlight Conversion to LED Lights; a Push Start Mount; and, a Shifter Base...

Take a look at them! Go to the Home Page and Hover over the page named "Machined or Fabricated Parts ..." and a select screen will appear. Click on what you want to view.

Thanks for your interest!
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Located in the Southwestern USA