Alter Ego MC Client Photo Album


We are so pleased to have a place to show our customers work.

Thanks for sharing with us. We treasure you, as a client and friend, whether your work is pictured here on this page, or not. We celebrate all of you for the amazing work of your hands and your labor.

Here is the start of our New Photo Album Page from our customers:

William Zhmendak - Detroit Hot Rod

All pictures from Detroit Hot Rod are the property of Detroit Hot Rod and may not be reproduced without the express written permission of Detroit Hot Rod of Plymouth, Michigan

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Pictured with a fully finished restoration by Detroit Hot Rod, this amazing Porsche won First Place at the Detroit Autorama in early March, 2018. She was lovingly restored in the summer of 2017 by William Zhmendak.


This was a Second Place Winner in its Class at the Detroit Autorama - entry by Detroit Hot Rod, William Zhmendak, Builder.

Bill's nice words about Alter Ego MC and Johann's Signature Line Clamps follow:

"The owner of Detroit Hot Rod as well as myself were very pleased with the look and functionality of being able to use the same clamp and just switch out the inserts to accommodate brake lines or fuel lines. I also appreciated the fact that when one of the stainless screws threads became galled and I had to get creative to remove the clamp from the frame, you didn't hesitate to send a replacement. I will definitely keep you in mind for any of our next custom builds."


Alter Ego MC Signature Brake and Fuel Line Clamps sure look pretty installed on a Detroit Hot Rod Build, if we do say so ourselves.

Thanks Bill!

John Smith - '51 Mercury


John Smith is the Builder of this Beauty! How about this '51 Mercury with chop top and everything custom built for her! She has a lot of 1 off custom parts, and, John says, if all goes well, she'll be making her debut at the GNRS, and compete in the "King of Kustoms" group.


"The clamps will be a great touch to all of the polished lines under her," John tells us about our Signature Alter Ego MC Brake and Fuel Line Clamps. "They will accentuate the attention to detail this car has been given.." Thanks, John!


We're all cheering you on to the big win!

All photographs of John Smith's 1951 Mercury are the property of John Smith, who must give written permission for his photographs to be reproduced in any way.

Gary Swain - 1975 BMW 2002

Gary Swain from Nottingham - in the United Kingdom - is restoring this lovely 1975 BMW 2002 to "concourse race standards."


Of our Signature Alter Ego MC Line Clamps, termed, "Billet Pipe Clamps" in the UK, our friend Gary says, "there are such a variety of uses these clamps can assist with, and, with the extremely added benefit of being able to drill through the inserts is fantastic - the O ring seal also keeps everything in place during assembly with no fiddlyness at all, very impressed."


Thank you so much, Gary! And thanks for choosing Alter Ego's Signature Bespoke Machined Parts to join your BMW Build (Bespoked is a British term for "custom".)

All photographs of Gary Swain's 1975 BMW 2002 are his sole property and his written permission must be obtained to reproduce these pictures in any manner.

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