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The Master Craftsmen at Alter Ego Design and Build Custom Handcrafted Motorcycles which are, to simply state the facts, One-Of-A-Kind Works of Fine Art. They're a dream on wheels. Better yet, it will be YOUR dream on wheels, if Alter Ego builds your custom bike.

From your ideas to Johann's Design, it will be everything you've desired in a custom bike - beauty, balance, quality, all wrapped up in superior craftsmanship - a smooth and sleek ride with ease of handling. It will be just perfect. Just for you.

Building a Custom Motorcycle with Alter Ego means you believe what we believe about a bike - that The Three Point Desires are Function, Safety, and Aesthetics.

We believe a bike must be comfortable to ride to serve its purpose; it should be built with the highest safety standards; and, in the end, it must simply take your breath away because it's so darned beautiful.

Quite frankly, it really takes someone who knows their stuff to be able to do all this.

Here's the good news - a virtual lifetime of experience goes into our bikes.

If you are investing in your dream of a lifetime, please be sure a lifetime of expertise does go into it. Make certain the Builder has the time-tested, proven engineering skills to put you on the road with your personal safety in mind. And, make sure it takes your breath away.

Call us at 520-307-6380 for more information.

Haven't you earned the opportunity for a Custom Handcrafted Motorcycle?

We vote, yes.
telephone: 520-307-6380
Located in the Southwestern United States of America

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