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With great confidence in both his ability, and, eclectic extraordinary skills accrued during his lifetime, Johann Gyver doesn't shy away from saying that perfection is the goal always.

"The highest degree of proficiency, as in some art..." is one definition of perfection.

"...A quality, trait, or feature of a high degree of excellence," perfection is further defined.

Should you be on a quest for a seductive level of excellence in a motorcycle or a luxury automobile, Johann will simply make your dream come true right before your eyes.

From the dream, to the design, to the creation, to the first ride, Johann will keep you involved, excited, and wholly satisfied with the experience of owning a one of a kind, handcrafted, exquisite ALTER EGO work of art.

Johann also designs and manufactures his own Signature Line of Parts and Products. He only uses American made materials in our Shop here in the Southwestern United States of America.

Johann has followed his dream of Coachbuilding his entire life.

Don't you think it's time to follow that dream of yours?

Johann doesn't just put clients on the highways of America and around the world - in or on - precision machinery.

Johann builds dreams.


The old world heritage and values Johann was blessed to grow up with, provided him a rock solid foundation, a healthy dose of self-reliance, and, a wealth of creative and technical knowledge and skills he has now been building on for generations.

For Johann, each new opportunity afforded him the chance to learn a new skill. He strongly believes that throughout his life he will still be learning.

A variety of challenges and adversity have schooled him in master level expertise. With these challenges as special kinds of teachers - looking back over his shoulder - he now sees that every adversity and challenge overcome elevated him to a place of additional expertise, patience, and, excellence in performance.

He believes that every chapter of life intrinsically holds a purpose and value of its own.

In the past he's partnered his great passion for motorcycles and luxury automobiles with select charitable organizations. The Crazy Horse Memorial Motorcycle was raffled after a year long tour of the bike - which can be viewed on this website. The charitable funds provided opportunity for continued building of the Crazy Horse Memorial, which is located in South Dakota.

Simply put, Johann's work IS his life's passion.

You can trust him with your own.

Isn't it time to follow your dreams now?

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johann@alteregomc.com Telephone 520-307-6380 Located in the Southwest USA MADE IN THE USA