Alter Ego MC Project Cars

From Muscle Cars to Restomods, and Vintage Luxury Automobiles to American Classics, we really treasure putting pieces of Americana, and, other select automobiles, back on the road with a new life.

We believe in perfection in our restorations, and, our track record proves how serious we are about that. Alter Ego also has a proven track record - beyond "merely" restoring automobiles.

Our Master Craftsmen are Master Builders, among other things.

Master Builders are the highest degree of Craftsmen in Automobile Restoration.

Master Builders have the engineering know how, the tools, the machinery, and, the expertise to manufacture parts for Vintage Automobiles which are obsolete. These parts are made exactly to the original manufacturers specifications, so that they meet the high standard for flawless restorations according to experts in the field judging them.

Our hands are really something special.

And we do things like they used to be done.

That's with honor; with whatever time it takes; and, with hands seasoned and salted with experience, care, and a lot of very old fashioned hard work.

Thank you for your interest in our project cars here at Alter Ego MC. Telephone 520-307-6380 Southwest USA MADE IN THE USA

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