David McCaul


While David McCaul jokes about having been "a weird kid" as a boy, he was taken very seriously as an Alter Ego Master Craftsman during the years he was employed with us - multi-talented in machining, tool and die making, electrical and technological repair and manufacturing, and, fabrication of eclectic categories of things - including musical instruments.

While David McCaul has moved on to new endeavors, he was Alter Ego's Master Machinist while the Rolls Royce was being built here, and, we wanted to make note of the important part he played at Alter Ego in days gone by.

While, clearly a highly gifted child with all of the challenging markers for that during his school days, the unnoticed abilities from a few decades ago have seasoned into spectacular expertise to work with automobiles and motorcycles, and other things with moving parts.

Always intensely fascinated by mechanical things, Dave McCaul put the genius to good use at Alter Ego Handcrafted Motorcycles in Tucson, Arizona, where he found a mentor and friend in Alter Ego Owner and Chief Master Craftsman, Johann Gyver. The two shared simpatico in a variety of areas - and not only the Mensa-smart qualities that were evident early on.


The two men were each taught generational skills and old-fashioned work ethics by their own grandfathers, although the Alter Ego men are a few decades apart in age. Both David McCaul and Johann Gyver take ethics in the workplace to a whole new level, with only perfection the acceptable outcome of each and every project.

McCaul's grandfather, Ron McCaul, took an interest in teaching him what he knew when the youngster designed and built a functioning lathe to alter the size of corks. The best part of the story isn't that he hadn't even hit his teenage years yet, but, that he had never laid eyes on a lathe before.

While McCaul in past days, might have seemed a round peg in a square hole, so to speak, he fit at Alter Ego Handcrafted Motorcycles in Tucson, Arizona where perfection and Custom Designed Handcrafted Motorcycles are only part of the big story.

Alter Ego also Builds/Restores Luxury Vintage Automobiles, Classic Cars, Muscle Cars, Street Rods, and Restorods, and, sells a Signature Line of Parts and Products.


The special abilities McCaul brought to the Alter Ego Shop during his time of employment with us were: his knack to take very complex issues, and, simplify them; his love of challenge and the satisfaction in accomplishing nearly impossible missions; his never ending, always churning imagination; a self-named weird patience which allowed him to study in-depth how a machine did or didn't work by intensely studying it; and, his passionate love for "old things."

All of those qualities he had in common with Gyver, allowed the Master Craftsmen to complete building a 1931 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Henley Roadster in the style of Brewster, in 2013. The project took three years, and well over 12,500 hours of labor. Building a Luxury Vintage Automobile is a highly advanced form of automobile restoration, where obsolete parts are manufactured to the original manufacturers specifications, and, the extreme level of perfectionism in craftsmanship is only accomplished by few people on the planet. It can be a nearly impossible mission that the Alter Ego Master Craftsmen accomplish.



That Rolls, identified to those in "the know" as Chassis number 222 AJS and Engine number N65U, is considered to be the best Rolls-Royce Chassis and Engine existing in the world today. The Rolls-Royce Owners Club held an annual meeting in 2013 in San Antonio, Texas, and, bestowed the Elegant Vintage Luxury Automobile with First Place in the Concours Class for Phantom II's; the Virgil Millet, Jr. Award for Best American-Bodied Automobile; and, the Jack Frost Award for the Most Popular Automobile at that event.

That Rolls-Royce may be viewed in this website under "Project Cars."

There is an intensity and a drive that Dave McCaul has. It's a rare thing to find in today's "hurry-up" world.


It is priceless at Alter Ego Handcrafted Motorcycles where nothing but the best is ever the best.

We leave Dave McCaul's profile up in honor of the magnificent work he accomplished here at Alter Ego during the time of his employment with us.