FYI Vintage Luxury Auto Restoration

The Rolls-Royce named in 2013 as the Best Rolls-Royce Chassis and Engine in the world to date, was built by the Master Craftsmen at Alter Ego. You may view this exquisite automobile here on our website by returning to's Homepage; hovering your cursor on the Word "Project Cars" right under our Logo; pulling down the screen; going to the automobile you want to view, and, clicking on it. You may also telephone 520-205-1097 for additional information.

"Building" a Luxury Vintage Automobile is an advanced procedure which only a select amount of persons world wide, have the ability to accomplish. What the term means is that we have the ability to fabricate obsolete parts for luxury automobiles which meet the original manufacturers design protocols. Restoration of Luxury Vintage Automobiles is a great labor of love as well, but does not require all of the highly advanced skills, expertise, experience, and, machinery we use, when we "build" one.

You may view the wide range of parts the Master Craftsmen at Alter Ego manufactured for the Rolls-Royce Restoration (please hover over "Project Cars" on our Homepage with your cursor and click on the Rolls-Royce, and, scroll down to the photographs of the parts made here at Alter Ego.

The Master Craftsmen at Alter Ego both Build and Restore wonderful pieces of Americana, and take great pride in playing a small role in the advancement of the magnificent and important historical record of our Beautiful United States of America - and the extraordinary American-made automobiles which have carried us to and from - our own memory treasure-troves of a lifetime.

While, perhaps, we have all said from time to time in frustration regarding the lack of quality worksmanship in a modern vehicle or product........."they just don't build them like they used to..." there is one at Alter Ego - nothing but perfection - is sanctioned.

We still build them here.
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Located in the Southwest USA