BUY Ford Truck Re-Manufactured Clutch/Brake Pedal Assembly for 1992-1997 Ford Pickups - by Alter Ego MC

Below: Our completed Ford Clutch Assembly on its way back to a client


Send your Ford Truck Clutch & Brake Pedal Assembly to us, and, we will Re-Manufacture it with Greaseable Bronze Bushings - replacing the thin plastic ones in that original assembly.

No Can Do - You Can't Just Put Bronze Bushings In...

Folks call sometimes and ask us if they can buy only the bronze bushings. They won't fit in your clutch assembly the way it is right now. Johann makes a completely different pivot system for the clutch assembly. The brake pedal and the clutch pedal are completely redone. The bronze bushings are made to fit in his re-manufacture.

We mean it when we say the clutch assembly you'll get back from us could outlive your truck...

If you are consistent in your annual lubrication of the Alter Ego MC Re-Manufactured Assembly, it may just last for the remainder of the life span of the truck. The zerks make lubrication a snap in mere minutes!

The photograph below is displaying a Ford Truck Brake & Clutch Pedal Assembly after an Alter Ego MC Re-Manufacture. On the outside lower right side of the assembly in the photo below, you can see that there is also a Bronze Bushing for the Clutch Master Cylinder Rod.

I've designed a new Clutch Push Rod, which keeps the Push Rod on the Center Line of the Clutch Master Cylinder Bore.

This prevents any side loading on the Master Cylinder Piston avoiding undo wear to the Bore and Piston.

This new Alter Ego MC Rod has a bearing on the pedal end and is a hardened one-piece Rod. Our new Push Rod will work with our Re-manufactured Clutch Assembly, or, with slight modification, to the stock arm work with a stock pedal assembly. This Push Rod works with the ignition lock-out switch on the clutch rod.

Unlike other permanent fixes out there that you may have read about online, our Alter Ego MC Rod will not make a $2 original plastic bushing repair turn into a $150 repair of the Master Cylinder later, as will be the outcome if you try those on-line fixes.

We'll post these new Alter Ego MC Clutch Push Rods as soon as the first run of them is completed - likely before the end of May, 2022.

Like each of our products, they are made in our shop in the USA, using American made materials whenever possible.

We never outsource our handcrafted products.


We've gone back to the Bronze Bushings of the 50's Era, and went even one step further, with these Bronze Bushings. We do things the way they used to be done around here at Alter Ego, and, we think you're going to appreciate that.

We will include new pedal pads for your Ford Clutch & Brake Pedals, too.

The photograph below displays a Ford Brake & Clutch Pedal Assembly before having an Alter Ego MC Re-Manufacture.


The Original Equipment Manufacturer Number is F3TZ2455A.

Your Alter Ego MC Refurbished Clutch & Brake Pedal Assembly will fit 1992 - 1996 Ford F-150 Broncos, and, 1992-1997 Ford F-250's, and, Ford F-350's. Soon, we will have other years available - including 1998-2000 years.

You pay to ship it to us, and, we'll cover the shipping cost back to you, so long as the mailing address is within the Continental United States of America.

Outside the Continental USA, email us for postage costs for you. We won't charge you a handling fee, and, will try to find the most reasonable shipping costs for you to pay. Contact

You asked for mercy, you got mercy, baby...


You just CAN'T have your truck down that long? All right, then, we have you covered. We had so many requests to sell a Re-manufactured Alter Ego MC Clutch and Brake Pedal Assembly which was immediately ready to ship, we searched and found a few to prepare in advance.

So, pay for the Re-manufactured Clutch Pedal & Brake Assembly, and, then, pay the Refundable Core Charge of $200.00 also.

Make sure you include all of your correct mailing information if it differs from the address on your credit or debit card. We'll ship your assembly right away through United Parcel Service. Then, when you take out the old assembly send it back to us (your shipping cost) and when we receive it we will refund your $200.00.

We try to make your shopping experience with us streamlined.

Clutch & Brake Pedal Assembly Re-Manufacture

Alter Ego MC Re-Manufacture of Ford Clutch & Brake Pedal Assembly
parts-price: $575.00

Refundable Core Charge

Don't pay this $200.00 fee if you are mailing us your own Clutch and Brake Pedal Assembly to re-manufacture for you. This $200 fee is for those who can't have their truck down, and, want to have a re-manufactured assembly mailed right away. This fee is refundable for those who send their assembly back to us, complete, once they remove it and put the new one in. If you are buying the MERCY SEND IT NOW item, you will need to pay the core charge and the item charge at the time you order.

DO pay it now if you want the MERCY SHIP IT NOW, hurry up, I can't be without a running truck...
Also pay the re-manufacturing fee in the box above.

SHIP IT NOW Additional Refundable Core Charge
parts-price: $200.00

Annual Maintenance

How's this for carefree Annual Maintenance?!

Annual Maintenance on your Alter Ego Re-Manufactured Ford Clutch & Brake Pedal Assembly should take less than 60 seconds!

That's because we install Grease Zerks on all the Bushings, as was common practice years ago. If you look at the photograph above you will see the Grease Zerks.

The Grease Zerks are all in a row, making it virtually effortless to grease your Alter Ego Re-Manufactured Pedal Assemblies. We prefer to use Moly Grease, ourselves for this application, which is specific to high temperatures and high pressures. Just lightly grease the Zerks on all the Bushings as there is no need to use a heavy hand with greasing.

In fact, greasing more than necessary could cause the excess grease to run down on to the carpet of your truck, because of the nature of those hanging pedals in your Ford Truck.

The photograph below is displaying a Ford Clutch & Brake Pedal Assembly after having an Alter Ego MC Re-Manufacture.


Remember that this 60 second Annual Maintenance Routine might ensure that the Alter Ego Re-Manufactured Clutch & Brake Pedal Assemblies last, or, maybe even outlast - the remaining lifetime of your Ford Truck.

There is no doubt that it is time for an Alter Ego MC Re-Manufacture of your Ford Truck Clutch & Brake Pedal Assembly when you have to push your clutch all the way to the floorboard before the clutch releases.

Have mercy on your great old Ford Truck, and give it a Re-Manufacture of its Clutch & Brake Pedal Assembly through Alter Ego MC and its Master Craftsmen....

In the very unique event that your truck sustains such heavy use in the future that the Bushings need to be replaced, these Bronze Bushings are sized to allow replacement without damage to the steel bracket components.

We would advise you to take advantage of this re-manufacture now, because it was quite the hunt to find these assemblies to prepare in advance for those who need that service.

We think we've thought of everything.

What do you think?!

... And how about those crazy internet ideas about all this...

FYI, whatever you decide for proactive rebuilding of your Ford Clutch & Brake Assembly, we highly caution your discernment about some internet fixes you may view from other sources. Any quality rebuild will not be using plastic bushings.

Recommendations on-line suggesting that you grease plastic bushings is highly counterproductive - as petroleum-based products disintegrate plastic over time.

Additionally just for your information, we want you to know that it is not possible to replace Ford's plastic bushings with bronze.

The rebuild that we provide for you here at Alter Ego MC requires machining the clutch assembly bracket.

Thanks for your interest in our Signature Parts and Products here at Alter Ego MC. We really appreciate it.

If you decide to let us breathe new life into your Ford Clutch & Brake Assembly, call (520)307-6380 for the address - when you're ready to mail your original Ford Clutch & Brake Pedal Assembly to us at Alter Ego MC. Use the convenient Pay Button above to pay $575.00 which includes the cost of shipping the part back to you at completion, so long as your shipping address is within the Continental United States of America. Allow yourself enough time with all of the transportation issues going on right now in 2022...

Outside the Continental USA, please email Johann at to obtain the estimated cost for shipping the part back to you after completion.

We appreciate your interest in my Signature Parts and Products here at Alter Ego Master Craftsmen of Motocycles and Motor Cars.

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