Information on Signature Alter Ego Brake Line Clamps (Go to BUY to purchase)

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The extremely popular Alter Ego Signature Line of Brake and Fuel Line Clamps are available in the Original 812 Series, and, Medium 1063 Series, and, the new even larger 1562 Series.

We have provided an introductory video about our line clamps. If you want to view that video just return to our home page here on our site and go to VIDEOS. It's a minute long.

These Brake and Fuel Clamps, also known as Tube Separators, or, in some circles called Billets or Billet Clamps, are designed and manufactured here in our Shop in the United States of America, using American made materials.

Alter Ego Brake and Fuel Line Clamps may be one of the most cost effective ways to protect your vehicle from corrosion.

Installing the right kind of clamps puts a halt to "galvanic corrosion" which occurs when there is a self-induced current created by two dissimilar metals touching - or - even being in close proximity to each other. The wires inside your vehicle may be creating such havoc without your knowledge.

Avoid this costly problem with the easy procedure and cost effective method of installing Signature Alter Ego Brake and Fuel Line Clamps. Very user friendly instructions are included with the purchase of our Signature Line of Brake and Fuel Line Clamps.

They can be used for brake lines, fuel lines, and, wire looms, and many other applications as well.

Our Alter Ego MC Brake and Fuel Line Clamps can be ordered with a Pilot Hole in the Delrin Inserts of 3/16 inch in the 812 and 1063 Series, and, 1/2 inch in the 1562 Series.

For $2 extra per clamp, you can also order a Custom Size Delrin Insert Hole. Please read the narrative on each of the Line Clamps Listed for sale for specifications about our products.

To purchase Signature Alter Ego MC Brake and Fuel Line Clamps, please return to ORDER HERE and, scroll down to BUY Line Clamps.

We provide a Lifetime Guarantee on all of our Alter Ego Signature Lines of Parts and Products.

Thank you for your interest in our Signature Line of Parts here at Alter Ego MC. We really appreciate it.

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