FYI Alter Ego Signature Brake/Fuel Line Clamps

Alter Ego Line Clamps for Brake and Fuel Lines are extremely popular items in our Signature Parts and Products Collection. Please see Homepage, or, call 520-205-1097 for more information. These Line Clamps designed by us - prevent the corrosion in your automobile caused by two dissimilar metals touching. You might save headaches later with preventative measures now. Our Line Clamps are user friendly to install. We manufacture these Line Clamps for Brake and Fuel Lines here in our own Shop in the American Southwest. We use American made materials.

We give a Lifetime Guarantee on all Alter Ego Signature Parts and Products.

Visit our Home Page at and click on Alter Ego MC Signature Parts to view photos, descriptions and prices for Brake and Fuel Line Clamps from Alter Ego.

If you go to the Home Page on this website and go to "Videos", there is a an introductory video about our Line Clamps.

We really appreciate your business. Thank you for looking us up.
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