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This is the preferred page if you have a Museum for automobiles you wish to list in the Coachbuilders of America Museum Index and your Museum is located within the United States of America or its Holdings or Territories.

Your listing of 50 words that you have written about your museum will appear here on this Index Page at a cost of $50.00 for a year long listing. The anniversary date for renewal will be a year from your original purchase of your first listing here on Coachbuilders of America Museum Index.

If you purchase your Museum Index Listing with us before the end of April 2020, you will be a Charter Index Member, and, the $50.00 annual fee will remain the same for you throughout your lifetime, so long as you continually renew the listing every year on or before the anniversary date of your first Index listing. The anniversary date is the first day your Index Profile appears on

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

The steps to receive your listing are first - pay for your Index Listing with the Pay Button below - then -
email with your fifty word or less narrative about your museum, and, also send all of the contact information you want listed, too, but that won't count toward your fifty words. We provide your contact data as a little gift from us to you.

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